Thursday, 28 February 2013

Weight Challenge 101

Have you ever had one of those days where every thought is an epiphany? Where every idea is a monumental realization? When every second that ticks bye is from some vantage point of inception?

Well aren't you a special little shit!

My day was not quite so successful. I got up feeling queasy, ate too many slices of toast for into work dealing with a past London drama, did way too much data entry my eyes went numb...ate some junk lunch, went ape nuts on the hubby who hadn't filled out his portion of our Google Doc....had a meeting-it ran late- had to catch a later commuter rail...felt unaccomplished, made up for it with extra serving of spaghetti...decided I needed a desert anyway, and oh yea-----had a special little shit epiphany!

M:  "Oh my gosh guys, I have a great idea," stuffing ice-cream down throat. "We should make a wager."

K: "Wager? What kind of wager?"

M: "We should all weigh ourselves, like right now, write it down..and then, in a month- whoever has lost the most weight wins something."

I catch my father-in-law's attention.

F: "What is it we win for this?"

M: "Whatever we want...whatever we can get, something we can get but that we really want."

F: "Ok, this is plane ticket"

K: "Sure, sure...plane ticket."

M: "Yea, ok, whatever you can get- you can get and you win." (My logic is retarded)

We all proceed to weigh ourselves...

F: 217lbs
M: 139lbs

F: "Ok, this is easy."

K: "Yea, sure will see..."

Here we watch him grab a few candies to hide around the room.

Basically, I had an epiphany that the only way I would successively get on this weigh loss train was to get some motivation. So this wager, whether I win or not, is going to give me that little oomph I need from my surroundings. I have also, luckily had my mother-in-law confirm she will be doing a workout schedule with me. This has worked very well in the past, and I'm hoping to replicate it once again.

In honor of motivation- here is a picture of myself from October 2012, when I had just come back from London....and because of my lack of funds while living there, had remained fit!

So are you with me???


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