Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Friends Know Best

I had a friend whose mother died.
I had a friend who often lied.
I had a friend who couldn’t hide.
I had a friend who barely cried.

I knew this girl for quite some time.
She was pushy, and did hard crime.
I knew this girl had been hit hard.
She was bruised; her life was scarred.

I wished this girl would suffocate.
She had no love; she gave off hate.
I wished this girl would leave me be.
She had no mirror; she could not see.

Instead I drove down empty roads.
The air was dense; the night was cold.
I parked the car and dug in deep.
The earth was soft; it did not seep.

This person I knew had failed to hear.
Her soft white skin, those eyes so clear.
I laid her body down to rest.
I was her friend; I knew the best.


-By Michelle Salyga

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